To bear his pain

The new moon 23/2 falls in the area of the sky called Shatabhisha nakshatra. Shatabisha means 100 healers. It is a time that benefits healing from illness or trauma. Mercury has a strong influence this time as well, making old pain prone to coming to the surface. 

The tantric exercises aimed to release energy that was locked in the energy system of the body. The energy was described as being locked in granthis (knots). It is also described as cohabitation (previously emotionally charged impressions) was what made these knots. 

The idea was to meet these fellows through the exercises and release the locked energy. To meet the locked emotions and let them dissolve. 

Perhaps the most difficult to face is what causes mental pain. Still, it must meet, but why? 

Part of the answer is to become whole. As long as we escape our pain, we escape a part of ourselves. The part of us that experienced the pain. 

Another part of the answer is for the pain to stop. He who does not bear his own pain passes it on to others. To get rid of the pain, you try to transfer it to others. And then the pain continues to hurt. 

I wonder if Jesus’ decision to be crucified. “Take your cross and follow me,” he learned. Maybe he meant it; “Do as I do and meet your pain”, because if everyone does, the pain will stop spreading. 

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