To be worthy

A legend from the 12th-14th century described in the text Matsyendra Samhita describes how the fisherman Mena is swallowed by a whale.

The story tells how Mena is devoured by a choice and thereby hears secret teaching from Shiva when, at Shakti’s request, he teaches her the ultimate being of everything, at the bottom of the sea. 

When Mena proves receptive to teaching, Shiva appoints Mena to be the one to bring this knowledge to the people. Mena is named Matsyendra by Shiva, which means “king of fishes”. 

The rest of the story tells about the difficulty of finding someone who understands the knowledge, and has sufficient will to live by it. 

The historical figure Matsyendra probably lived around the ninth century. Matsyendra was one of the most acclaimed tantric masters. Together with his partner Konkanamba, he was praised as a champion.

The story has its points of contact not only with Jonah and the election story in the Old Testament, but also with the story in the New Testament where Jesus resembles the kingdom of heaven with a king inviting to his son’s wedding. 

First, those who are selected are invited. When they do not think it is important enough to come, the king invites everyone from the street. 

One of those invited does not respect the invitation enough to dress in his finest clothes. This person is thrown into the dark. 

The story ends with the famous verse: 

“For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Perhaps these stories can be understood as meaning that he who is not worthy to receive, by turning away from that which is of value or not revering it, cannot receive it. 

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