Conscious creation

Kundalini is the process of bringing back the energy that is confined into forms back to its infinite, shapeless state of energy and potentiality, and then back into manifestation.

According to the Tantric cosmology, this act of creation is constantly going on. Unlike the Big Bang theory, it is an ongoing now.

The difference between the condition before and after Kundalini’s journey to liberation, seems to be our awareness of what is happening. Whether this act of creation is done consciously or unconsciously.

One can therefore say that according to the Tantric tradition, the individual act of creation is marked by unawareness of the larger pattern of which it is part, and therefore the creation of faulty actions that result in something that comes back to us; consequences (karma). These actions breed consequences that give rise to new acts, but they never reach what we crave deep down.

While if we only act (kriya) according to the larger pattern, this will not come back to us. Perhaps we may share its fruits, but these actions are not guided by our limited understanding or egocentrism. This creation becomes in accordance with our deepest longing because it is who we really are, part of the greater.

The type of actions; dharmic, karmic or in accordance with cosmic will determines what is created.

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