Life talk

Yoga is about raising awareness. Practicing Yoga regularly will inevitably make you more aware of yourself and the world around you. It can ultimately lead to new priorities in life and a richer life, but during development can also involve phases of confusion.

Even previous traumas can appear, even those that have not been remembered before. This is because memories are stored in different ways so that some are activated through bodily experiences, while others remember in the form of pictures and words. Traumatic memories are often activated only through bodily experiences.

In the yogic tradition, it was the teacher / guru’s business to deal with the material that came up through Yoga and meditation. To handle these psychological processes, a person is needed who is trained in being able to reflect others and has knowledge of a variety of psychological processes.

Maria is a private practitioner. Psychotherapist. In these conversations, you get the opportunity to discuss your psychological processes together with a person trained in handling psychological processes.

NOTE! These conversations do not count as psychotherapy and medical records are not kept. This is a looser form of call that can be booked only when needed. This type of conversation does not replace psychotherapy which is a longer process.

Life talks are booked by email to: