To give back to life

The Vedic ritual was since its infancy a fire ritual where you gave what you wanted more of. 

It was the establishment of a relationship with nature where one gave of the abundance that nature has given one. 

This maintenance of the relationship with nature maintained balance in the world. They maintained an insight that what we take we must give back.

How do we give back? In action that promotes life, in speech that gives life. 

Tantric ritual is a ritual that celebrates life. The purpose is that life itself will eventually become that tribute. 

7/5 we entered a full moon cycle in Vishika nakshatra (supermoon). Vishika nakshatra is associated with lightning and fire in the form of the ancient Vedic gods Indra and Agni. This time is said to provide clarity.

Agni means fire and refers externally to the fire in the Vedic ritual. Agni is described as the link between heaven and earth. This can be understood as fire as a medium between the material and the unmanifest, as it transforms and dissolves the manifest. Agni is described as power and light. Agni can be said to symbolize divine will.

Indra is connected with light. This light seems to symbolize the light of higher knowledge, the ability to discern. 

One can understand Agni and Indra as models for the later tantric couple; Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (energy / will).

Source for astrology: Anandaastrology.

Music: Heart as wide as the world, Krishna Das. 

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