Tapas-heat and refining

According to Vedic astrology; jyotish, Saturn has had a strong influence since spring 2020, while Jupiter (its opposite) has for the most time been weakened. Thus, in total for about 1.5 years.

What has this time tried to teach us?

Saturn stands for responsibility, authority, stability and boundaries.

Its shadow side is pessimism, cowardice, the old, the authoritarian.

Saturn usually symbolizes the father. Here understood as a principle, a symbol of authority and power.

Gaining control of Saturn’s shadow side is not easy. It is about trusting and developing one’s own inner power.

Saturn represents a kind of mental or emotional blockage in our psyche.

It is something that we find overpowering. An obstacle we do not feel we can overcome. This often leads to a feeling of inadequacy.

Saturn’s purpose is to drive us to confront fear and get over it. Saturn will grind us by giving us challenge after challenge, to turn our fear into fearlessness.

It is by being forged/tested that we discover and develop our strength.

A parallel can be drawn between this forging and the “tapas”, “heat” that in the Yogic tradition refines and strengthens us.

“Tapas” is, of course understood in the context of the fire offering, that has been so central to Indian culture; yajna. The fire that consumes and transforms.

Saturn also asks: What is the purpose of your life? Why are you here? They say Saturn controls our “karma” and our “destiny.”

It can be said that Saturn creates the structure that provides the conditions for and refines us, so that we can achieve our unique life goal.

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