Kundalini awakens

Mars is according to Vedic astrology right now in its own sign and in retrograde. This makes Mars very powerful right now. Mars is also close to the full moon that we entered in 1/10, and becomes further amplified in its influence. March passes from Aries to Pisces sign 3/10-4/10. In Vedic astrology, this transition area is called Mhula Gandanta. This place represents a a cosmic granthi (knot) in the same way that granthis (knots) are said to exist at the chakras of the human body, in Tantric philosophy.

In the same way that Kundalini is said to wake up when these granthis in the body is opened , by ida and pingala uniting and becoming one (the two main polar energy channels; in the left and right sides of the body).

In the same way, this knot in the sky, if it dissolves, is said to unite fire and water. These symbols are the same as in alchemy where fire and water together create gold. These are all symbols for an inner process.

Mars symbolizes, as a planet, willpower, and here too we have a parallel in the human body according to classical Tantric philosophy. This parallel in the human body is the navel area that is said to house the fire (agni) that can awaken Kundalini and is said to symbolize divine will.

Astrological Information: Anandashree astrology.

Music: Gathering in the light. Baird Hersey & Prana, Krishna Das.

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