According to Vedic astrology, by 2020 Saturn has set the tone. 

Saturn is a planet that requires accuracy and that things are done or redone from scratch to be sustainable. Saturn rewards hard and persistent work. 

Saturn is also said in Vedic astrology to be the karmic teacher. Under the influence of Saturn, we get to reap what we sow, good and bad. 

One might liken Saturn to the archetype of the strict father. A patriarch who governs with his rules, and ensures that the right things are rewarded. 

The idea of karma is a relatively late idea in the Vedic tradition. Karma, however, has a quality that it can be appeased, among other things through charity. 

This idea that punishment can be avoided is also found in the Christian tradition. Here the power of forgiveness is highlighted. The idea put forward is that we are punished on the basis of the yardstick that we ourselves use on others. 

Maybe this is a time to forgive and be forgiven. 

Music: Lokaha, Wah.

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