Association between opposites

Rahu and Ketu (moon nodes) will change positioning in the sky on 22-23/10. These nodes represent the desire that drives the world’s development. 

This will take place in a union between sun and moon, on the autumnal equinox in the part of the sky that in Vedic astrology is called Uttara Phaguni nakshatra. 

Uttara Phaguguni nakshatra symbolizes the marriage of Shiva and Shakti. 

Marriage symbolizes union between opposites. And it’s the association between opposites that creates something new. 

There are many signs of union between opposites in this event. First, the conjunction between sun and moon (Shiva is symbolized by moon, and Shakti by sun in Tantric philosophy), and partly on the hearing night when night and day are equally long (and thus equally strong), and partly in an area of the sky that symbolizes the union between Shiva and Shakti. 

Music: Bhakti without borders, Madi Das.

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