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Shunya is the yogic term for abyss. This condition is the part of a natural cycle that is between the completion of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one.

This place has no characteristics. It lacks characteristics and can be experienced as a void, an infinite space or a dark depth. This is what the term shunya denotes.

This time feels like a time of great transformation and change. This is also something Vedic astrology, jyotish, points towards right now.

In these kinds of times we can meet just that part of the life process that is shunya.

As I said, this condition can be perceived as a void, like being in something formless and infinite without direction or purpose.

This phase can be very frightening if you do not have access to a feeling of being held and loved. We may then have to turn to contexts or others where we can be held, or trust, as we get through. This is particularly important because the transformation process that we are facing is great.

For this phase we can only allow ourselves to be carried through. We cannot get through it with our own efforts.

One can liken this part of the life process to the darkness in which the new seed begins to come to life. And it seems that this part of the life process can convey the new precisely because of the total annihilation of the old, in the void of what arises thereafter.

Perhaps the most challenging thing about this process is that, if the transformation is great, it takes us to a place of nothingness so great that even .m. our ability to reflect on the fact that we are in such a process disappears.

The reason why this has to happen is probably because in order for a total transformation to take place, all control over the situation must be lost. All previous patterns of dealing with situations must be obliterated, and cannot be part of the shaping of the new.

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