Yoda-The role of the teacher

There has been a lot of discussion about guruship for a long time now. What has been less discussed has been the role of the teacher.

Most people in this age have gotten used to yoga instructors, online or in real life classes. This has happened at the same time as these instructors usually have claimed the title “teacher”.

But the real teachers of Yoga usually don’t instruct much, and the instructors mainly do, no matter what they call themselves. 

So what does the teacher do? 

Talking about classical Yoga being a system for psychophysical practice, the teacher must be an expert on using yogic techniques to help the students release psychophysical blockages. 

This will also effect the neurological structure of the body. 

How many “teachers” can claim to be experts on this? How many students even know that this is possible? And if they did, how many would want to go through it? 

What kind of person does this teacher need to be? The tradition says it needs to be a person who has gone further in the process then the student. 

How is the teacher recognized? There is a scene in Star Wars where Luke meets Yoda for the first time and mistake him by his appearance. Yoda presents himself as humble and ordinary. How many students will do this? How many students will only look to the surface? Almost everyone.

Musik: Indigo Sea, Ajeet.

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