Seekers of truth?

I often hear people saying they are grateful for Yoga. They also often thank me for having introduced them to Yoga. 

Many who stop coming to my classes, say that they are grateful that they have discovered Yoga, and that they now will practice by themselves or for another teacher. 

By these things, they say that their understanding of Yoga practice, is that it’s impersonal. Yoga practice from this way of looking at it, is a technique. 

Many comes for one course, and then plan to practice by themselves or going to a gym or someplace near where they live. It doesn’t matter where, because they all teach Yoga. The same Yoga, the impersonal technique. Like Coke, the same everywhere, so why not just buy it in the closest store? 

How did we come to this, from a tradition where the student gave his or her all to get closer to reality? Who searched far and wide for the teacher who could reveal more about truth. Where are the seekers of truth today? Are there any left, or just a lot of people wearing glossy tights? 

Musik: Edo & Jo, Seekers.

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