Reconnecting to Source, with Uma Inder

“When the grip’s tightening, whats uncoiling?

When all’s changing, what’s remaining?

When all’s dissolving, what’s undying?

See here exposed, a curse or a blessing?

Until blessing’s all that’s left, false floors be collapsing.” Uma Inder

In this time maybe more then ever we feel the need to connect to “Source”. Whatever we call it; God, Goddess, Consciousness, Lifeforce, Nature, Unity. 

It’s only through reconnecting with our deepest existence and our deepest roots that we we can find something to hold on to in times like these. 

We will do this using tools from the Vedic tradition, including Yoga and Tantra

I am very happy to announce that my beloved teacher Uma from Bali is coming to Gothenburg for the previously planned workshop weekend 10-11/10.

I feel that this is a response to the desire for inspiration that many of us have been on the back burner with this six months. I therefore hope that you make the time to be part of this injection of life, which is so blessedly offered!

The workshop is held through Shiva Shakti Yoga in Gothenburg.

Date: Weekend 10-11/10 2020.

Schedule: Saturday at 10:00 a.m. 10-16.30, Sunday 10-16.30. With a break for lunch.

Location: Moveri, Järntorgsgatan 12-14, Järntorget Göteborg.

For questions email or call +46 (0)700-419499.

Click here for more information and registration.

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