godess illustration in Navaratri celebration

Navaratri: Celebrating the Divine Goddess and Inner Energy

Navaratri, meaning “9 nights”, is a joyous festival that honors the Divine Goddess, also known as Shakti and Kundalini. The Goddess represents the energy aspect of consciousness, encompassing the very essence of all existence. This sacred celebration occurs five times a year, but the most significant one is Maha Navaratri, celebrated during this time.

Maha Navaratri: Honoring the Abundance and Transformation

During the harvest season, Maha Navaratri is a time to rejoice in the Goddess’s abundance and her remarkable ability to both break down and create new life. It is also a time to acknowledge her role in our personal growth and development. Three goddesses, Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati, embody different aspects of the Goddess, representing qualities such as prosperity, strength, and wisdom.

The Divine Energy Within: Kundalini

Beyond external celebrations, Navaratri reminds us of the profound energy that sustains our very being – Kundalini. This life force is drawn into our bodies with the first breath and accompanies us throughout our lives with each inhalation. Kundalini is a transformative power, described in three phases.

Transforming Phases: Awakening the Inner Potential

  1. Kali – Embracing Change: In the first phase, Kali personifies the burning away of obstacles that hinder our growth, paving the way for transformation.
  2. Lakshmi – Balancing Energy: The second phase symbolizes balancing and elevating all energies to a higher state of clarity and harmony, guided by the benevolent presence of Lakshmi.
  3. Saraswati – Expanding Consciousness: Finally, the third phase embodies the expansion of consciousness to higher levels, as Saraswati facilitates the awakening of our inner wisdom and creativity.

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